Parcel Shipment

Whether you need to ship to Poland or to other eastern European country, you can trust that Polonez will deliver your parcel by ocean or air providing the highest quality of service.

Shipping Container Rental

Polonez supplies 20 ft or 40 ft shipping containers rentals. We have affordable solutions to deliver shipping containers to any place in the USA and transport them to desired destinations in Poland or European countries.

Vehicle Shipment

Whether you've got a car, motorcycle, ATV, scooters, jet skies, snow mobiles, boats, etc., Polonez can help you transport it from the USA to any place in Poland.


If you decide to move to Poland, Polonez provides shipping container rentals to help you take your belongings with you and we will gladly assist through all resettlement procedures.

Polonez Parcel Service is the largest shipping company which specializes in commercial and personal shipments from the United States to Poland and other European countries. Polonez has been a leader on the shipping market for over thirty years now proving high reliability and excellent quality services offered to our clients.

We ship parcels to most European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Greece - mainland (not islands), the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. We also provide our services in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Polonez delivers most parcels directly to the recipient. If you wish, you can pick up your parcel by yourself from our main warehouse in Częstochowa, Poland. Exceptions are parcels to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan which are delivered to the nearest post office.

Polonez offers a wide range of services from shipping container rentals, shipments of personal and commercial parcels through air or ocean. Polonez also provides shipment for any type of vehicles, such as: cars, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, jet skies, snow mobiles, boats, etc. Money transfers, gifts, food parcels as well as belongings for resettlement procedures.

We have partnered with KAREX a company that services our Sea and Air Parcels, including customs and delivery to the recipient in Poland and many other European countries. We also work with POLSPED PACZKA in Warsaw, ul. 1-go Maja 11 Lok.7, phone: 666 876 306, email:, that distributes most of our Express Air Parcels.

We have over 300 locations around the USA in states such as: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington and other.

You can send a parcel or commercial shipment from any of our location within the USA. Numerous commercial and private clients use our services daily. If Polonez doesn’t have a location in your state, you can always send your parcel through UPS, Fedex or USPS to our headquarters in Linden, NJ and we will forward it to any desirable place in Poland or in Eastern Europe.

Our mission is to continue earning our clients’ trust with integrity and professionalism by providing our services at the highest level with the lowest possible price.