Take advantage of great online prices and variety in US stores. Use our services to ship them to your home.

Shipping and tracking of all your parcels send by our company is now available on our website and it also includes payment option.

Every single package that is ordered using online store and shipped to our location MUST first be entered one by one to our system.

Please use our Calculator, to easily calculate package cost and any additional fees that might apply.

Please follow these steps to ensure easy online experience in US stores:

  1. Find product online that you are interested in;
  2. Go to our website, sign in and add new parcel,
    1. There is no need to enter weight, our system will estimate minimal fee to given type of package (for sea parcel minimal weight you have to pay for is 20lbs, and for air parcel it is 4lbs.),
    2. Choose type of shipping method you want to use (see or air parcel),
    3. Your shipping address is filled in automatically, however it can be changed,
    4. Please, use your discretion while filling in package "Content" field for "Customs Value" (i.e. clothing, house wear etc.),
    5. Please check box ”Parcel to group”, if you would like us to combine packages ordered from the same, or different stores to send as one parcel (in one box);

      We would like to remind everyone that online shopping parcels are custom duty exempt with the value up to 150 Euro, and Polish VAT exempt up to 22 Euro.
  3. Upon completion you will receive an email containing a unique number you need to retain for your record.
  4. Please return to the online store where you will provide following Shipping Address information:
    • your first and last name,
    • unique number received in our email (enter in Company Name field, or second line in address field),
    • address to our headquarters (1700 W Blancke St, Linden, NJ 07036),
    • phone number (800) 229-3662,
  5. REMINDER - Every single package that will be delivered to our location, MUST be first entered into our system one by one. This will allow us to see how many packages we will receive and combine them into one (grouping packages) if requested by you.
  6. Upon receipt of your package, we will weight and measure it and send you all necessary information.
  7. Our system is ready to accept multiple packages and to group them together. We are able to hold your parcel to wait for more in order to repackage them and ship them as one for a nominal fee, which can be found on the website of our Calculator.

  8. Sign in to open a page where you add parcel quickly and easily directly from our website.
  9. If you do not have an account yet, sign up.