Adding parcel you accept terms and conditions of sending packages by Polonez Parcel Service; it is equivalent to your signature on the Declaration Form.

The sender’s signature certifies the accordance of declared contents. Falsifying the custom declaration will result in punishment (confiscation) according to the rules of the fiscal criminal act. Polonez is not responsible for items not listed on the declaration form.

I DECLARE, that this parcel DOES NOT contain any money, narcotics, explosives, weapons, ammunition, liquids, acids, toxins, flammable liquids etc. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS or any illegal or otherwise forbidden goods in accordance with regulations. I confirm that if such above listed items are found in this parcel it will be confiscated. I understand that this parcel is subject to inspection. Authorized personnel may not only scan, but physically open and inspect all contents.

We do not refund shipping costs.

Parcels are covered by limited liability only for loss and theft. Polonez is not liable for glass, ceramic, fragile materials, plastic, and not well secured parcels. Polonez is not responsible for technical damage to contents of parcels and is not liable for delays caused by reasons beyond his control.

Parcel covered for $2 per each lb. and no more than $200 per each parcel. Parcels sent outside of Poland are covered for $60 per each parcel except for where postal service is required. We do not refund shipping costs. You may file claims for up to 6 months from the moment of shipment if parcel is not delivered or up to 3 months for missing contents.

By shipping with Polonez Parcel Service you are confirming that you have read and understand our no refunds policy for shipping.

In such case a discrepancy report is required. To file a claim please contact the agency from which the parcel was sent, or Karex, ul. Bor 146/148 42-200 Czestochowa from 10AM to 3PM at (34) 365-9115; or POLSPED PACZKA, ul. 1-go Maja 11, Apt 7, 02-495 Warsaw, at 666 876 306, email:

Please call or email Polonez Parcel Service with any questions that you may have.